Using Reading Strategies

Pick a link from Mr. Ferlazzo’s website that has a fair amount of text and use Backboard to demonstrate reading strategies with virtual post-it notes.

Place the url address of your annotated pages in the comments section of this post.

You might also want to pick a newspaper article on Natural Disasters from any of the following sources:

The Guardian

Science Daily

Earthquake Newspaper Archive

Hurricane Newspaper Archive

Tornado Newspaper Archive

Internet Scavenger Hunt On Natural Disasters

Complete this Internet Scavenger Hunt (the page calls it a Webquest) on Natural Disasters. You can write the answers on a Word document and then upload it to the Internet using Then paste the url address of your answers in the comments section.

After you have completed +this Internet Scavenger Hunt, please pick one natural disaster and create your own Hunt for other students to complete. Use different links and different questions. Create it in a Word document and use again.

Highlight Important Words

Go to a webpage (that has a lot of text) under the Natural Disasters section on Mr. Ferlazzo’s website. Copy the url address of the page.

Then go to Awesome Highlighter and paste the url address of the page you chose.

Highlight no more than three words in each paragraph that you think show the main ideas and most important points from that paragraph.  Please put the link to your page in the comments section.

Make a Natural Disaster Map

Use Zee Maps, Quikmaps, Maptrot or UMapper to make a map of major natural disasters. Your map can show different kinds of disasters, or the same (such as an earthquake) that has happened in different places.

Please write several sentences, in your own words, about each disaster.

Zeemaps lets you insert an image into your description, but Quikmaps just lets your write text.

Put the link to your map in the comments section. You can make as many maps as you like.

Here’s a simple example of an Earthquake map:

Create A Natural Disaster Slideshow

Please write a short report that goes with a slideshow you create about natural disasters. You can make a slideshow that is about a kind of natural disaster — avalanche, volcano, flood, earthquake, drought, etc — or one about a specific disaster — Katrina, the recent Chinese earthquake, the San Francisco earthquake, etc.

You can make as many slideshows as you want.

Use either Bookr or Big Huge Labs. You can also go to Natural Disasters on Mr. Ferlazzo’s website to find information for your report. Please try to use your own words.

Copy and paste the link to your slideshows in the comments section.

What Happens If The Levees Break In Sacramento?

Go to  Sacramento Flood Maps. Click on the “Rescue” maps for the area you live in (probably either South Sacramento or The Pocket).

The areas in red will flood immediately. People who live in the yellow area will have a little time to escape.

Which color area is your home located in? What would you take with you if you only had a few minutes to escape the flood? Why?

The road in green are the safe ways to leave. Which road would you take?

If members of your family were in different places when the flood began, do you have a place where you would meet?

Watch this animation of Sacramento being flooded.